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Roof Green
Roof Green - Description

What is Roof Green?

Green Roof is a breakthrough of building greenery.

By replacing traditional roofing with a lightweight, living system, green roof contributes toward achieving sustainable architecture. It acts as an excellent heat insulation to the building, meanwhile, creating considerable vegetation and recreational space in urban area.

Green roof not only provides both environmental and economic benefits, but is also visually stunning, creating attractive contrast to concrete and steel buildings.

Additionally, green roof can be installed on a wide range of buildings, from industrial facilities to private residences.



  • Vegetation: Pre-growth plant species
  • Growing Medium: Anti-weed pumice stone
  • Protection Layer/Filter Layer: Non-woven fabric prevents a drainage panel's clogging.
  • Water Retention and Drainage Panel: Maintain water for plant growth while draining excessive water away.
  • Root Barrier: Prevent roots from damaging the waterproofing membrane and roof structure.